We are Connected!

You only need to glance at our project portfolio to realise what is currently the key concept in the product design and engineering sector: connected, connected, connected.

Yet nobody can image a world without being connected to some type of network and therefore any new products starts out with the aim of covering our new (and often specific) needs, but above all always conceptualised in order to be able to dump, share and receive data through a connection, whether by GPS, Bluetooth, WI-FI or another technology.

There are numerous possibilities and very easy to customize!

We would like to share with you a couple of projects that we like (each for different reasons, as you will see)**** In fact, some of our team are just waiting for them to be launched to get one!****

Here you have the NIXIE, the selfie-drone-bracelet. Bound to delight the geek in you!

Nixie Gadget

And here is SHOEFIE… This section is not quite so technological, but… it’s bound to make you laugh!