Tuesday 16 June, Moway at the ‘Innobasque Tuesdays’

On Tuesday 16 June, we were at the ‘ Innobasque Tuesdays‘ on robotics and, of course, we were delighted to have the opportunity to discuss the topic, first, because we are passionate about it and second because we presented the Moway case study, one of the flagship projects at Bizintek.

And what is Moway? Actually, you can find all the technical information on the project in the projects section, but then there is also that emotional part already linked to each prototype that we deliver. Each job has a small part of the human team that has worked on it and it was not going to be any different with Moway… and all the more so if we bear in mind that it was one of our first ‘greatest hits’.



A -tiny- mini-robot that looks like a toy, but a complex interior that opens the door to the world of robotics and programming to thousands of children around the world. Given that its main use is educational, whether in schools or in vocational training centres, we are proud to say that we have helped young students enter this world of geeks like us (and which is a very important to industry today and in the future!).

Moway Robot


Key words associated to the values of the small Moway are creativity, motivation, learning, opportunities… A mere trifle!

This stunning performance inEl Hormigueropops into our minds to make you smile, for example. A brilliant example of how something that is technical and apparently complicated can have recreational applications.

And the thing is… we are not talking about the future, but the present. Our children are already known as ‘digital natives and nobody has to explain to them what Internet is, what a smartphone is or how to use a tablet.. They have embraced it as something totally natural and show curiosity and an ability to learn that are truly surprising.

Nativos Digitales

Moway has been created for them. And it delights the engineer in us. ?

And you can see our intervention here if you feel like it!