Consulting for product development

We have more than 10 years of experience in the conceptualization and development of products. We help clients to define their needs from the user´s, market and technology point of view. Starting from the idea of ??a new product to a product to improve. We analyze the technological viability of the idea, the technological trends, design, costs and guarantees, We guarantee the sale of the product on the date and according to the Budget.

Generating new ideas

Starting from a current clients list / products and knowing where to direct the creative effort, we can generate alternatives ideas for new products through diversification or expansion of the client company’s product range.

Product conceptualization

from a prominent need in the market or an idea, we propose the best approach for the development of the project. Our objectives for the product: That meets the functional, aesthetic and cost expectations that the client expects and minimize the risks in the development of the project.

Product improvement

Starting from a product already developed, we study what changes, improvements of benefits or derivative products we can do from it. We make a selection of suitable technologies, so that the client can expand its range of products and gain competitiveness.
We can also consider the reindustrialization of products to reduce production costs.



    Define the needs from the user´s point of view, from the market and technology.


    We determine the best way to design the product to obtain a viable product.


    Calendar of the different phases of design and manufacture of the product that allow knowing when it would be possible the output of the product to the market.


    We make an accurate estimation of the development costs according to the needs of the client: Minimum Viable Product, Prototype, Industrial Prototype …


    We also estimate the costs of launching the product to the market: certification, production configuration and tools.


    Proposal of an electronic and industrial design alternative and selection of the most important components to estimate production costs.


    Estimation of production costs with an escalation according to the needs of the client and the market.