Custom Developing

In Bizintek we are aware of the reduction of the life cycle of products and the increase of user expectations. For this reason, we base our philosophy on management and proactive involvement in product development, we consider Time-to-Market and Quality as key factors to ensure success.

The satisfaction of the needs of our customers is the most important.
Initial idea, development, manufacturing and follow-up work.
We are with you during all phases.


Creativity and initial reflection in which we define and focus the project: costs, technology, market, risks …


Resolution and development of the technical aspects to arrive at a functional prototype.

Pre-Production Manufacturing

Our designs optimize production costs. We ensure success by making a pre-series that allows us to ensure quality before manufacturing.


We have an SMD production line to manufacture. This production line satisfies all quality and guarantee standards.


We update our product periodically and systematically. Advances in technology and high competitiveness make the tracing something crucial.