Product: The Airtraq® laryngoscope
Customer: Prodol Meditec S.A.
Sector: Medical
Tags: DFM (Design for Manufacturing) , Marcado CE, LED


A doctor approached Bizintek as he was looking for a solution for a problem that arose when using conventional laryngoscopes: they fogged up when working on real patients.

One of the aspects that we had to address was the regulatory aspect. Developing a medical product is more complicated given that the safety mechanisms, the manufacturing procedures and even the very design method must comply with a strict regulatory process.

Another challenge of the project was its high production volume and we therefore had to come up with advanced autotest features to guarantee the quality and reliability that the product needs.


The customer had a design that had to be greatly modified to incorporate the anti-fogging system. During the study, we provided the solutions to meet the technical requirements and the low production costs.

The Airtraq® laryngoscope represents a new tool to be used in endotracheal intubation by means of direct laryngoscopy.

Its easy learning curve and ease of use means it is a practical device in many airway management situations.

It has been shown to have advantages over the Macintosh laryngoscope in patients with difficult airways and in adverse situations outside the surgical environment, with endotracheal intubation being easily achieved after ineffective attempts with conventional laryngoscopes.


Over these 10 years, Bizintek has carried out different technology updates, Airtraq® maintenance and redesign projects to optimise the functionality and manufacturing costs.


The greatest benefits of using the Airtraq® laryngoscope have been seen in patients with a marked limitation of cervical mobility and those patients, such as pregnant women and obese people, where the airway is distorted for anatomical reasons.

The product has several patents worldwide (PCT) and sells over 200,000 units/year.
Prodol currently has two product ranges:

  • Airtraq SP: disposal laryngoscope ready for emergency use.
  • Airtraq Avant: Routine laryngoscope with rechargeable battery.