Product: Airtraq® Wifi-Camera
Customer: Prodol Meditec S.A.
Sector: Medical
Tags: Wifi, ARM, Embedded Linux, DFM (Design for Manufacturing) , CE Marking


We decided to attach a camera to the laryngoscope to make the doctor’s work easier and so that more than one person could see the intubation procedure.

The main challenge faced in this project was the space restrictions in order to ensure a handy and light system but which could still be used for the extensive processing needed to capture, compress, video recording and streaming.


The solution was to design a high component density flexible-rigid PCB which in turn would allow efficient dissipation of the heat generated by the main processor.

The Airtraq Wifi-Camera is an accessory that can be connected to the Airtraq laryngoscope to facilitate intubation from any position thanks to its 2.8″ screen that can be flipped and rotated.

A significant part of the project was focused on the handling and ergonomics of the product, as well as on the optic design to achieve optimum visualisation that will allow the image to be correctly focused through the optical channel.

It also allows the video to be played in real time, record those videos and even streaming to a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

It has a rechargeable Li-Po battery with a battery life of 100 minutes.


Different evolutions have emerged during this project from the initial analogical version of the product to the current design with cutting-edge features.


The camera facilitates intubation from any position and also allows more than one person to view the procedure. It can also be played and record video in real time.

The product sells around 2,000 units per year