Product: device, Blueactio
Customer: Geoactio
Sector: Home automation
Tags: Internet of Things, Bluetooth 4.0, Low Power


Geoactio had a proven track record in developing mobile Apps and was interested in exploring ways of connecting physical items and smartphones.


The project developed for Geoactio is a device with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection used in single-family dwelling or small communities to open garage doors using a smartphone app.

The system aims to configure several different doors in a single mobile, along with allocating the opening key to different terminals, by means of reading a QR code. It logically has its own encrypted security system and even a list to block access to suspicious terminals.


In this case, Bizintek managed the production of the first units of the product by selecting the manufacturers and suppliers to provide Geoactio with the manufactured product and ready to be sent to its customers.

Several evolutions of the project have been developed according to the needs of the end customers.