Product: Boletus device
Customer: Boletus Network S.L
Sector: Leisure
Tags: Internet of Things, DFM (Design for Manufacturing), Bluetooth 4.0, Low Power


The company behind the Boletus was very clear about the functionality of the discount coupon validation device that it wanted to develop. It was looking for a design that would allow it to manufacture the first 200 units of the product with the smallest investment and possible costs, while ensuring an attractive design.


The product developed for Boletus is a device with Bluetooth 4.0 connection used to validate Boletus discount coupons.

It also works as a Beacon Bluetooth and allows stores to obtain information on the number of customers entering the establishment, how long they remain, etc.

The product had to be designed in such a way to guarantee low production costs.


Bizintek managed the whole production process of the first 200 units to deliver to Boletus the finished product and ready to be sent out to its customers.