Customer: Bigenia Sistemas
Contact characteristics: Start up
Sector to which it belongs: Technology
Tags: Sensors
What its priorities were: Product concept
Type of funding: Private


The customer, in this case, put a totally open approach to us. The aim was to solve the problem that many households face when it comes to managing and storing waste.

Greater social awareness regarding recycling means that more and more households are opting to sort their waste to recycle. The main disadvantage in this pro-sustainability stance is that managing waste inside the home becomes a problem.


This project therefore aimed to design a household appliance that was capable of managing organic waste, glass, containers, paper and cardboard individually to be subsequently recycled.

During the development stage, we performed an exhaustive study of the different waste processing techniques, manufacturing prototypes in each of them and analysing the integration opportunities and their production costs.


The project has resulted in a product concept that our customer has presented to different household appliance manufacturers and in which there has been great interest.