Product: Sport smartwatch, Glassy Pro One
Customer: Gradient Technologies S.L.
Sector: Sport
Status: In production.


An enthusiastic surfer saw the need to measure their performance during their sessions in the sea.

The idea emerged from the current trend of the “quantified-self”, the need to measure different variables in aspects of our daily life such as when running (heart rate, distance covered, calories burnt, etc.), so… why not develop a specific product for surfers?


We worked with the customer to develop several ideas until we came up with the current design of the Glassy Pro One sport smartwatch. We had to design complex electronics and integrate them in a small and compact space. The Glassy Pro one comes with accelerometer features, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 that provides users of the Glassy app with a full range of information on their surf sessions.


The product is currently in the production phase.