Product: Mechanised tool for hair, Klixer® PRO
Customer: Klixer
Sector: Consumer (beauty and hairdressing)
Tags: Industrial Design, Retail Market


When working with Klixer, we were embarking on an intact market, entering in the beauty and hairdressing sector and developing an innovative product that offers a wide range of opportunities for hairdressers.


It is the first power device that weaves hair using a hook tip, which is driven by an electric motor creating a rapid to-and-fro movement.

It was originally designed as a mechanised system to streamline the way to make dreadlocks. The results are spectacular right from the start, with no need for chemical or sticky products.


The product has also extended its applications.

It offers a wide range of opportunities to achieve many different finishes, thus becoming an extension to the creativity of professional hairdressers.

They can achieve volume, tease, backcomb, apply attachment points to your hairstyles and get many different finished looks. Or you can combine all the techniques.