Product: Luix smart lighting
Customer: Iluminacion Luix S.L.
Sector: Energy
Tags: Zigbee, Low Power, DFM (Design for Manufacturing)


Luix (smart lighting) is a company that develops solutions for the efficient management of industrial and street lighting.

The project’s starting point was realising how much electricity is wasted by lighting. Around 70% of the energy consumed is wasted. The project aimed to develop an automatic lighting system for optimum use of energy.


This system consists of combining efficient lighting devices using LED technology along with a management system consisting of different electronic appliances and programmes developed in-house.

The aim of this project was to achieve an alternative connection method to the lights for noisy environments such as plants with high energy consumption. A design based on a Zigbee network was therefore chosen to connect the different lights to a Master hub through a bus interface.

The customer has an extensive product range and has the necessary means and contacts to manage production.


They system is based on different technologies that meet the needs to efficiently manage lighting electricity.

  • Short and long range detection technology using radar and vision.
  • Information transmission technology using the existing lighting caballing.
  • Electronic devices developed in-house for the point to point control of each light.
  • LED technology to obtain maximum lighting efficiency and quality.
  • Remote management system of the installation via the website thanks to our SmartLuix application developed in-house.

It is currently in the industrialisation process.