Product: robot, Moway
Customer: Bizintek
Sector: Education
Tags: Low Power, DFM (Design for Manufacturing), [etiquetas]


Moway was the outcome of an internal brainstorming session when the need was identified for a product that would facilitate the learning of programming language and its practical applications in the educational sector.

The idea was to launch a robot for the educational sector based on four premises:

  • An attractive product for the student and for the teacher
  • A rapid learning curve to keep students engaged.
  • Scalable, with different learning levels
  • Affordable for the educational world

A product that set a challenge for our engineering teams, where design, micro-electronics, mecatronics and programming converged to turn it into reality.


Moway is a programmable robot and an educational solution that includes the robot itself, the programming software and the set of practices and manuals to run the activities.

It is a highly motivating tool which we can use to provide the students with knowledge related to robotics and technology such as programming autonomous systems, control electronics, mechatronics and sensor systems. Along with discovering how those systems physically work, the students understand their application.

One Moway characteristic is that it can communicate with other Moways by radiofrequency and with computes which increases its opportunities for team work.


This devices ensures that the students understand what they study and therefore not to forget it so that they can apply their know-how to different situations.

By working on robotics educational projects, students develop creativity by thinking of possible applications, imaging future activities and, above all, that when working on those projects, they come up against multiple valid different solutions.

Moway is sold in over 30 countries, over 15,000 units have been manufactured and many schools use it to teach programming.