Product: Onean, self-propelled surfboard
Customer: Aquila
Sector: Leisure
Tags: Batteries, Power Electronics, Design


The aim is to innovate in water sports and board sports. To create a new water sport that is popular, silent and environmentally-friendly; offering emotion, fun and adventure that can become a tourist attraction.

An adventure of speed, control and adrenaline where you set the limits.

Water sports have made considerable progress and we therefore decided to opt for implementing new technologies in those sports. We thus created a product with high value added: a board with an electric turbine built in.


Designing and developing the Onean involved the following steps:

  • Designing the geometrics of the board.
  • Hydrodynamic study and machining the turbine.
  • Designing the power drivers and the electronics to control and handle the board.


Technological innovation in board sports, such as surfing and all its offshoots: windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddlesurfing, bodyboarding, ….

We have designed several boards and propulsion units so the adrenaline lovers can find their perfect match. Light and fast.

Its powerful electric engine enable our boards to be planet friendly and very intuitive in terms of usage.