Product: LED lamp, Rinder
Customer: Rinder Industrial S.A.
Sector: Car industry
Tags: Led, lighting, car industry


Rinder is a leading company in designing and manufacturing lighting equipment for the car industry.

The project development had clear and defined specifications and its aim was to design a work lamp based on ED technology, along with a power source that controls and supplies a controlled current to those LEDs.

Product development for the car industry requires standards to be met regarding the protection systems, reliability and resistance of the products.


This design involved an aluminium PCB with components only on one side, which complicated the development as power source and the LEDS along with their optics are included on a single surface.

In this case, the customer designed the whole structure of the product and the collimator optic system.


The customer has its own factory in India that is in charge of production.

Production is currently underway and sales stand at around 5,000 units per year.