Product: radio-frequency device, Sirius Quantum
Customer: Nebusens
Sector: Tecnología
Tags: Zigbee, Baterías


Nebusens had already developed the radio-frequency localisation device, but they wanted to optimise it and add improvements to its product. They wanted to review the product and optimise it for long distances.

The Sirius Quantum is a wireless device that adapts to the deployment of different applications. Special mention should be made of its potential to adapt to any type of application where the mobility of the object or user is a key factor. There is a software platform (n-Core) available, along with the Quantum and RadIOn devices .


An initial review was conducted and a change made to the radio-frequency transmission and reception part to update and optimise the product for long distances.

Regular updates have also been carried out to cut production costs or to add value to the device by means of new features.

Even though Nebusens manages the production process, Bizintek is actively involved in helping to solve any incident that may emerge during manufacturing.


We have contributed our vision and our know-how to actively collaborate in the development and production processes.

After the initial contact, we have worked on different projects with Nebusens as they needed our input.