Product: registrador Tecpen
Customer: Tecopsa
Sector: Industrial
Tags: Sensors, GPS, Industrial


The customer operates on the perforation tool market and needed to automate the perforation testing as it had been carried out manually up to then. They counted the blows and used a ruler to measure the perforation depth of each blow.

The industrial sector needed the perforation work and the subsequent analyses to be facilitated.


We worked with the customer to define the product from scratch, establishing some initial requirements and different milestones where the customer would accept the different stages of the development (electronics, firmware, software and industrial design).

TecPen is a data logging and measurement device with a rechargeable battery and data downloading via USB. It uses different sensors to detect blows and measure depth, data that are shown on screen during the test and stored to be subsequently processed.


We have created a device to measure the number of blows and the depth of the perforation. It logs all the data of the perforation tests along with the location of that test by GPS. The data can thus be analysed in the computer, using a customised app. The data can be analysed and even used to create graphs for each test report.

It is a product that is sold nationally and internationally, and enjoys great market acceptance in South America.