Product: Wireless temperature control system.
Sector: Industrial, Housing, Hotels.
Tags: Air conditioning, Comfort, Control, Wireless network.

The Challenge

One of our client’s goal was the installation of air conditioning systems in hotels and large buildings. They wanted us to create a wireless communication network between their devices. They wanted to eliminate the cabling in order to simplify the installation.


At first, we investigated different technologies to carry out the project. The technology we selected was “Zigbee” because of the low energy consumption of the sensor equipment and its robustness against electromagnetic noise or equipment failures.

We chose a temperature and humidity sensor powered by batteries and compatible with the environment. An additional motion-sensor located in the window would be able to detect when a window is opened.

A central device located in each room is responsible for collecting and processing all the received data. It constitutes a general central node, able to collect all the information, but also communicate and control all the devices mentioned above.


connected to each other, and apable of the independently controlling independently the climate of each room, thus simplifying the installation.

This system is currently in production, with more than 200 sold units, and it is fully functional in many buildings, like the BBVA foundation in Madrid for example.