Product: Aparka
Customer: Emaus
Sector: Transport
Tags: Sensors, 3G, RFID, LED


CEDEMOS is an Innovation Centre (R&D&i) specialised in Sustainable Mobility and Social Innovation promoted by Emaús Bilbao. One of the centre’s cornerstones is the Aparka system, a modular structure to park private and public bikes by means of identifying users by RFID. It was a real challenge as it was a very comprehensive project and included installation.


Our aim in the project was to design the user and bike control system, along with installing the system.

User access and bike identification is by means of RFID tags. User permissions and bike control is managed through a web application with permanent 3G connection to each of the bike parks.


Along with the initial prototype, a new bike park for eleven cycles was set up in Las Arenas, which was subsequently transferred to the UPV/EHU in Leioa, where it continues to operate. Any private or public bike registered in the system can be parked there.