Why choose Bizintek as your engineering company?

We are an all-round engineering company formed by a great team; engineers, designers and technicians with over 15 years of experience, specialised in designing and manufacturing customised electronic products for a wide range of sectors.


We are open to all projects

Electronic and wearable devices for daily use, IoT, Big data, VR, Smart systems, wireless communication or large-scale industrial projects: we are an engineering company open to any project.

Innovative product development for multiple sectors: industry, electromedical, energy, automotive, technology, sports, as well as consumer and social sectors.


We focus on customised technological solutions

Many technologies can be used for the same purpose. Our know-how is built on continuous communication with our clients, in order to target their needs so we can provide the optimal technological solution for each project. The idea is not to adapt the initial concept to the available technology, but rather vice versa: we make all our resources available to each project in order to find the most effective way to complete a product, without technological barriers.


Comprehensive support

Starting with the idea, design, electronics, mechanics, prototyping, up to industrialisation and manufacturing, logistics and after-market service, in compliance with the highest quality and guarantee standards. We are ISO 9001 certified.


Overlapped engineering

Our work philosophy: we act as a link between engineering and production; an effective and flexible connection linking industrialisation and technical support to develop viable designs right from the outset.


In-house production and coating lines

Thanks to these industrial assets and to an extensive know-how of the technological infrastructure and tools available to Industry 4.0, we take control of the entire process to ensure a quality product, fully functional and ready to market.


The copyright of the designs remains the sole and exclusive property of our clients.

Our main bond is trust and the satisfaction of working together in the development of the best product.