Technology consultancy

Product development consultancy

With over 15 years of experience, we are specialized in the design and development of products. Our goal is to help our clients to identify their specific needs from a user, market and technological viewpoint. We start with the idea of a new product, an improvement to a product or a market need. Our job is to analyse its technological feasibility, technical trends, design, costs, as well as to guarantee the successful launch of the product on schedule and within budget.


Generating new ideas

Based on our portfolio of current clients/products and in-depth knowledge of where to direct our creative efforts, we can develop alternatives for new products by diversifying or extending our client company’s product range.


Product conceptualisation

Starting from a market need or an idea, we suggest the best approach for the development of each project. Our objectives: to meet the functional, aesthetic and cost expectations demanded by the client while minimising the risks in the development of the project.


Product improvement

Based on an existing product, we study what changes, performance improvements or derivative products can be developed with the right choice of technologies, thus enabling our clients to expand their range of products and boost their competitiveness. Furthermore, we can also study the re-industrialisation of products in order to reduce production costs.