Development of industrial projects


Highest confidentiality

Bizintek guarantees maximum security to its clients. All the information and documents related to the project are only accessible to personnel authorised by the client, ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information at all times. In order to guarantee the success of the project, absolute trust must exist between Bizintek and its clients.


Intellectual property belongs to the client

Bizintek is committed to its clients by guaranteeing the intellectual property and possible patents arising from the project, always protecting the interests of the client and the brand.


Joint engineering, involvement and proximity

We offer a comprehensive service, we are 100% committed to the client and we carry out all phases of the project, from the original idea to the fulfilment of the established goals. We help clients to define their needs and minimise risks in the development of the project.


Industrialisation during the electronic design process

We support our customers throughout the entire production process, constantly monitoring the quality demanded. BIZINTEK presents itself as a full-cycle company providing companies with the design and manufacture of electronic products. Our partners can count on us to offer comprehensive support.


Design for maximum reliability

Our philosophy is based on proactive management and participation in the design and development of the product. We consider Time-to-Market and Quality as key factors to achieve success. Our designs are focused on optimising production costs and improving project efficiency. Continuous monitoring of the required quality.

Top guarantee: ISO 9001 Certification

Due to quality requirements of its clients, Bizintek holds the ISO 9001 Standard for quality control in the Design and Manufacture of electronic devices.

ISO 9001 is a global standard for QMS. It is focused on quality, processes and customer satisfaction rather than procedures. ISO 9001 provides the infrastructure, procedures, processes and resources needed for a company to control and improve its efficiency, customer service and product excellence.

Worldwide experts highlight the importance of independent audits for the effectiveness of management systems.

Experience in multiple sectors and technologies

With over 15 years of experience, we are specialised in the design and development of industrial projects for multiple sectors: technology, automotive, energy, electromedical, security, consumer industry, educational and social sectors.

Here are some of our industrial clients