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New era at Bizintek

Kaixo! / ¡Hola! / Hello!

After several months’ work (and several more designing and planning), we are pleased to announce that BIZINTEK is embarking on a new stage with many changes and we are sure that it will lead to many marvelous projects and challenges.

The first and most obvious is changing the look of the brand. Our new logotype better reflects the type of company that Bizintek is today. We believe that it really reflects the values that represent us: drive, modernity, technology. What do you think?



And everything else follows on from the new image… this new website with a cutting-edge design and in a format that can be adapted to mobile devices, our profiles in the social media – which we promise we will be updating far more frequently from now on – (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), and some other actions that are still in the pipeline and we hope to unveil soon.



Ultimately, it marks a before and after in our company’s history as our main goal is reach out to the “world”. A strong commitment to a close relationship with our customers, a new approach to the sector, a new and communicative philosophy that is adapted to the new era.

Here goes, team!